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The Dangers of Overtraining at the Gym

At Fitness Warehouse, we love the gym. And we love seeing our customers love the gym, too! But there are some things that you need to be aware of when it comes to overtraining (yes, it’s a real thing). 

Overtraining is where you push yourself too hard with your strength training, cardio training, or other type of fitness training. If you’re training every day or doing long, intense sessions, you could be at risk of overtraining.

Think you might be overtraining? Below we’ve outlined some of the telltale signs.

What Are The Dangers of Overtraining?

Some say ‘no pain, no gain’, but that’s not strictly true in the fitness world, especially if you’re training every day or multiple times per day. If you’re overdoing it with your workouts, you could be causing damage to your health and hindering your fitness goals. Below are 5 signs that you’re overtraining.


Most of us sleep well after hitting the gym that day. However, if you’re having trouble falling asleep when you don’t usually, your training habits could be responsible. Training too hard can send your nervous system and your hormones into overdrive and this can really impact your ability to get a good night of kip.

(Psst! Some say that the best period of sleep for your body to repair itself and for your muscles to grow is between 10 pm and 2 am!)

Excessive thirst

Being thirsty during and after exercise is normal. But are you able to satisfy your thirst? If not, you might be overdoing it and sending your body into a catabolic state. When you go into a catabolic state, your body consumes its own muscle to get protein, making you feel dehydrated.  

A decrease in progress

An increase in training doesn’t always mean an increase in progress; training too much can cause a plateau.

The main reason for this is that you could be damaging muscles that are already damaged. Without a proper rest, they can’t repair and grow. It might seem counterproductive to take a break, but you might find yourself reaching your fitness goals quicker if you give yourself a chance for rest and recuperation. 


No matter how experienced you are at the gym, you’re probably going to get an injury here and there. But, if you overtrain, you’re exercising a weakened body which not only increases your chances of sustaining an injury, but also increases your likelihood of aggravating old injuries.

Sore muscles

It’s normal (in fact, expected) to have sore muscles for up to two days after a workout. But if it goes on longer than that, it could be a sign that you’re overtraining and that your muscles aren’t recovering properly as a result. If your muscles are still sore after 72 hours, try to schedule in a rest period. 

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