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The Best Home Gym Equipment for Core Workouts

Love them or hate them, core workouts can give you excellent results. The benefits of having a strong core include:

  • Reducing and preventing lower back pain
  • Aesthetics, such as getting abs
  • Improving sports performance
  • Improving posture

Today we’ll be outlining some of the best pieces of fitness equipment you can use in your home gym for core workouts. All of the equipment we talk about is available for purchase online.

Suspension Trainer

Suspension trainers are really versatile. They use your body weight as resistance to help you burn fat and gain muscle. Suspension trainers can be used alone, or you can use them with wall anchors and even door frames and tree trunks.

This suspension trainer for Gym Gear features T-fastener buckles so that you can quickly and easily adjust its Apex style straps. It comes with APS hand grips with integrated foot cradles.

This guide to suspension trainer core exercises will give you some inspiration for your workouts.

Balance Dome

Core muscles and balance fall hand in hand. That’s why balance domes can help you build up your core.

Our balance dome (BOSU) can be used on both sides. It has a TPR anti-slip base and comes with a hand pump so that you can easily inflate the dome.

This video from Caroline Jordan will take you through a brilliant balance dome/BOSU workout.

Chin Up Bar

It’s no secret that chin up bars are great for building upper body strength. But if you do leg raises with them, they’ll really help you work your core.

Our multi grip chin up bar can be easily mounted to the wall in your home gym, so it takes up hardly any space! It’s made of steel and can hold any weight up to 400 kg.

Abdominal Wheel/Trainer

Small but mighty abdominal wheels (a.k.a. abdominal trainers) give a really solid workout. They’re perfect for home gyms because they’re small and lightweight – easy to store and move around.

This abdominal wheel from Gym Gear is so simple to use. All you need to do is roll your body out with the wheel when you push it across the floor, and then use your core to pull yourself back up.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are well known and loved for building arm strength, and they’re also really beneficial for building back and core muscles.

Our Blade 2.0 rower is incredibly smooth to use and has a resistance range of 1-10, meaning that you can find the perfect level of resistance for you. It has a user-friendly console display so that you can easily track your progress, including duration, distance, calories burned, strokes per minute and total strokes.

You don’t always need gym equipment to work your core, though. Sit ups, crunches, bridges and supine toe taps are all effective ways to build up your core muscles at home. Shop the Fitness Warehouse range of fitness equipment for home gyms and commercial gyms. We offer high quality home gym equipment in the UK, including gym flooring, functional training equipment, cardio equipment, studio gym equipment, strength equipment and more.

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