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The Best Flooring for Your Home Gym

We love seeing our clients create home gyms. Having a home gym can be a game changer because they’re so convenient and you can tailor them specifically to your needs. 

When you have a home gym, you can pick and choose everything that goes in it, and work with your budget to create the space that best suits you. This article from Gym Gear will show you how to build a premium home gym for under £5000.

One thing that many of our clients overlook when they’re building their home gyms is home gym flooring. The flooring you choose will depend on the style of your space and the equipment you have – but you’ll certainly need some quality home gym flooring.

This guide to home gym flooring will tell you what you need to know. Plus, we’ll be giving you some examples of the flooring that you can buy for your home gym.

Why get gym flooring?

First and foremost, we need to look at why you need gym flooring.

A good quality floor for your gym will help to support your joints and ligaments by absorbing shock. It will also protect your floors and equipment if and when it gets dropped. 

There are other benefits, too. Gym flooring is often really easy to clean just by wiping it down, and it’s not absorbent so it won’t hold your sweat. That helps prevent that stale odour that we associate with places of exercise.

For more information on why gym flooring is important, read this guide from Gym Gear.

What flooring should you choose for your home gym?

Like we said above, the best gym flooring for you will depend on what you use your home gym for. 

If you’re going to be lifting weights, rubber flooring tiles would be best for you. These heavy duty tiles are really durable, so they’ll keep the floors below and your equipment safe from damage. This type of flooring is also perfect for high-intensity exercise.

For functional training, you might wish to choose turf tiles. Turf tiles are shock absorbent and really durable, making them great for withstanding impact from dumbbells and kettlebells, and can even act as a sprint/sled track. They’re also easy to clean and look fantastic.

Mats are excellent options for home gyms because they’re easy to store and keep out of the way. Mats can be used for floor workouts such as yoga and circuits. They offer your body protection as well as the floors below. You can can a variety of mats, including stretch mats, studio mats and vinyl mats.

If the room you’re turning into a gym is carpeted, you might wish to leave it as it is. While carpeted floors aren’t as good as gym flooring, if it’s thick, it might offer just the protection you need. We only recommend keeping carpeted floors for your gym if you’re doing light cardio and floor workouts.

You don’t have to stick to just one type of flooring, though. You can always mix and match your flooring to which exercise/equipment will be needed in each area of your home gym.

Where to buy flooring for your home gym

Fitness Warehouse offers an excellent variety of flooring options for home gyms and commercial gyms. All of our flooring products are of commercial gym quality, so you know you’ll be getting the best standard of flooring you can buy.

With us, you can buy rubber flooring tiles, turf tiles, gym mats, ramped edges, sprint tracks and more. Click here to see our full range of gym flooring options. 

Orders in the UK will get free delivery. For deliveries outside of the UK, call us 01772 241011 on or email for pricing.

To browse our range of gym equipment that you can get for your home gym, click here.

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