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Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls sometimes called Weight Balls have come a long way in recent years.

High-Quality Medicine Balls are an essential piece of equipment in a modern gym. The Fitness Warehouse carries a wide range of Commercial Medicine Balls, including the very popular Medicine Balls with Handles for added versatility. Medicine Balls with handles are a versatile piece of equipment, great for classes and even personal trainers as they can be used for a number of exercises.

Fitness Warehouse UK Offers a wide range of Medicine Ball including double grip medicine balls. The Double Grip Medicine Balls maintain all the benefits of traditional balls but feature two handles making them easier to grip for flexibility, agility, or fitness workouts; perfect for core stability or plyometric training. The Double Grip increases control and the ability to cope with heavier weight. Despite the handles, the Double Grip remains a perfect sphere. It can be inflated or deflated to suit the required hardness. One-piece molded rubber ball with 2 handles, easy to grip with one or two hands.

A Medicine ball is a weighted ball, roughly the diameter of the shoulders. It is mainly used for plyometric weight training, to increase explosive power and strength for athletes in all sports. Other uses include those needing rehabilitation treatment. it can add a whole new burn to a basic sit-up for instance, but it will make you feel better in the long run. Medicine Ball can be used to make an exercise harder by using it as a weight.

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