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Stairmaster - HIIT Upper Body Bike

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StairMaster Upper Body Bike 

StairMaster Upper Body Bike has some amazing features that help the user with recovery and with improving their cardio. The adjustable towel is easily switched from a high to a low position to help a variety of workouts and users. This clever machine has a bench that can be easily removed to help access for wheelchairs or workouts when standing.

This cardio machine is fitted with the Feature-Rich Console to simply display great information
that will help improve the user feedback from the workout. This shows all the important
information that you will need to help improve the effectiveness of the workout. This machine has
adjustable cracks for a varied workout while using the cracks at the same level or different ones
this will work slightly different muscles and will be harder or easier for you personally.

Technical Specification

Maximum user weight: 158kg 

Product Weight: 145kg

Dimensions with ramp: L 178 x W 92 x H 178 (cm) 

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