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Elite Series, Roman Chair

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Roman Chair

A Roman chair is a piece of stationary exercise equipment used mainly for hyperextension of the lower back and general support of trunk muscles that consists of a expanded bench and a pair of roll pads. The height and distance between the bench and pads can be adjusted according to each user and the exercise being performed. Most roman chairs allow for adjustable angles to enable the user to increase the difficulty level of their exercise program.

Roman Chair is mainly used to train the abdominals, back, core and even glutes. Roman Chairs are often referred to as Hyperextension Machines because of the movement they allow. Since you have to use your trunk muscles to perform any sort of exercise on Roman Chairs, they are a great choice for toning and strengthening core muscle groups. From sit ups to legs lifts to back extensions, there are numerous exercises you can do on a roman chair. Reverse sit ups are easy to do and a great back and ab exercise. To learn how to do they just


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