Warrior Folding Wall Rack



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Warrior Wall Rack

The Gym Gear Warrior Folding Wall Rack is the perfect solution for your training requirements where space is a premium. Made from 60mm Box Section / 3mm thick steel, the rack is a heavy duty and substantial piece of equipment to offer peace of mind for any user. The J Hooks can be positioned at various heights to support a number of different Olympic bar exercises. The width of the vertical supports is also ideal for a bench to be used with the rack. The quick attach chin up bar doubles up as an excellent suspension trainer anchor.

The physical setup of the rack is a 30 second procedure which is both simple and easy to undertake. When folded away, this rack measures just 11cm from the wall to ensure that your available space can be fully maximised. The distance from the wall to the front of the rack when setup is 62cm.

Key points:
There are 26 different height positions for the J Hooks ranging from 38cm to 164cm from the floor.
The quick attach chin up bar can also be positioned mid way on the upright supports for stretching exercises. There are 6 available mid way bar positions ranging from 75cm to 100cm from the floor.

Rack Dimensions when Setup
W 128 x D 62cm x H 230 (cm)

Rack Dimensions when folded away
W 128 x D 11cm x H 230 (cm)

Key features:
· 2 x J Hooks
· Quick attach Chin up bar
· 2 x Wall mounting brackets
· 4 x Support / Locking pins
· Upright supports feature plastic end caps for floor protection


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