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Training Wall

Designed and engineered in Barcelona, the Training Wall is a versatile piece of fitness equipment, offering an innovative range of accessories and endless potential. A vast range of tools are available to explore all areas of functional training, ranging from the more popular attachments to exercise specific accessories. Because of its versatility, the Training Wall is ideal for bodyweight, resistance and flexibility training for a wide range of individuals and ability levels.

Training Wall panels have a quick release anchor system to accommodate the many functional attachments which are designed exclusively for use with the wall.

With this unique wall system you have a piece of equipment that meets all your functional training needs in “ZERO” square meters, allowing you to design multi-purpose training areas.

Training Wall features low, mid and high anchor points to accommodate a variety of accessories, including: dipping & pull up bars, resistance bands & ropes, boxing bags, suspension training straps and much more… Quick release attachments ensure a swift set-up and transitions between exercises to keep classes and individual training sessions moving smoothly. Training Wall is designed and manufactured by using the highest quality materials, creating a solid structure while at the same time offering an attractive design that allows it to be placed almost anywhere.

“Functional Training Solution Using ZERO Square Meters”

“Complete Versatility With Multiple Training Stations”

Gym Plan & Design

When it comes to planning and design, our Training Wall design team utilises the very latest 2D and 3D CAD layout technology. Our Training Wall plan & design service ensures our clients get a clear visual of what there facility will look like prior to installation.

Package Examples

PACKAGE 1 – 4 panels without handles, rope puller, cardan x 2, chin up station – £2,922.00

PACKAGE 2 – 4 panels with handles, rope puller, coreplate, chin up station, lever – £4,872.00

PACKAGE 3 – 6 panels (4 w/o handles, 2 with), 2 core plate, rope puller, chin up – £4,920.00

PACKAGE 4 – 6 panels (4 with handles, 2 w/o), 2 storage, chin up, dip, core plate – £6,491.00

PACKAGE 5 – 6 panels with handles – rope puller, chin, dip station, coreplate, lever – £6,870.00

PACKAGE 6 – 8 panels (6 with handles, 2 w/o), rope, 2 storage, dip , chin, core plate – £8,618.00

PACKAGE 7 – 8 panels (6 with handles, 2 w/o), rope, storage, pulley, dip, chin, coreplate x 2 – £8,841.00

All prices exclude 20% VAT, Prices valid until March 31st 2016
Training Wall Warranty – 2 Years Frame/Panels/Tools – 6 Months On Wearable Items – Grips/Handles

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