TireFlip 180 XL

TireFlip 180 XL


tfxl-frontusageTireFlip 180 XLTireFlip 180 XL

Product Description

TireFlip 180 XL

The  TireFlip 180XL is an innovative new functional training device that gives you all the benefits of tire training in a safe, space saving design. Do all of the things you would do with a traditional tire in one compact space saving piece of equipment. Starting weight is 160 lbs and you can plate load to 240 lbs. The TireFlip 180XL allows you to add up to 80 pounds of additional free weight (up to 4 – 10 lb plates per weight post) so users of all abilities are sure to get a great workout.

With a training range of 160-240 lbs there is no need to have multiple size tires in your facility.  Its’ dual battle rope anchor points turns this into a perfect group training device as well. Floor mounts ensure that the TireFlip 180XL will always be secure in your workout area. Saving you space, money and appearance, your members will be sure to ‘flip’ for the TireFlip 180XL!


  • Dimensions 4′ x 5″
  • Unit Weight 353 lbs



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