StairMaster AirFit UB

StairMaster AirFit UB

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Product Description

StairMaster AirFit UB

StairMaster AirFit UB has some amazing features that help the user with recovery and with improving their cardio. The adjustable towel is easily switched from a high to a low position to help a variety of workouts and users. This clever machine has a bench that can be easily removed to help access for wheel chairs or workouts when standing. This cardio machine is fitted with the Feature-Rich Console to simply display great information that will help improve the user feedback from the workout. This shows all the important information that you will need to help improve the effectiveness of the workout.This machine has adjustable cracks for a varied workout while using the cracks at the same level or different ones this will work slightly different muscles and will be harder or easier for you personally.

Key features of the StairMaster AirFit UB:

  • Adjustable tower
  • Intergraded bench
  • Fitted with Feature-Rich Console
  • Adjustable crank
  • The console shows Heart Rate, METs, Distance, Time, Calories, Watts and RPM.
  • Optional ramp for wheel chair access.

Why the StairMaster AirFit UB

This machine is a great fit for every user as the wide variations of exercises can be adapted for different preferences. The wide choice of applications allow the user to choose from rehabilitation mode to high performance fitness centre. StairMaster set out to achieve a great fitness machine. Rehab machine. Performance Machine. That would be able to be used by anyone and everyone so they could enjoy the tough, challenging workouts this machine provides.

The Feature-Rich Console

Measuring, Heart Rate, METs, Distance, Time, Calories, Watts and RPM this console incorporates every data that is need to be collected when your doing your workout to show you how well your doing so you can set goals accurate to that data to improve your performance. This console helps you with motivating yourself as you see your data change. The light, easy to use, easy to read LED console displays all the information you need in a way that is constantly visual to the user.



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