Prowler sled

Prowler Sled (Optional Harness)



Product Description

Prowler Sled

Few pieces of equipment offer the ability to train power, strength, hypertrophy, strength-endurance, and endurance, as well as the Prowler Sled, sometimes called the weight sled. And very few implements allow for such an incredible variety of movements.

What, you thought the Prowler Sled was only useful for loading up every plate in the gym and pushing until you puked? While that’s a popular use, it only scratches the surface of the “fun” and effective exercises you can do.

• The Prowler Sled isn’t just a conditioning tool. It can be used to add size and strength to both the upper and lower body.

• The concentric-only nature of Weight Sled exercises means less soreness, so they can be performed more frequently.


Assembled dimensions: L 102cm x W 61cm x H 97cm



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Including Prowler Harness, Prowler Sled