Premium Rubber Gym Tiles


Product Description

Premium Rubber Gym Tiles

Our Premium Rubber Gym Tiles provide the perfect protection for your sub floor in free weights areas. At 40mm thick the impact from falling weights is dramatically reduced through our Premium Tiles, and they look great.

The tiles are easy to fit together and come with connector pins to lock the tiles together, no adhesive is required. Several colours of grain are available including grey, red, blue, grey/blue combo, yellow and green. Each tile is 1m x 0.5m x 40mm. To fit the tiles all you need is a rubber hammer, and a sharp stanley knife. If you are looking to include lifting platforms, these can be incorporated into the floor using our 40mm thick lifting platform insert.

Key Features:

Dimensions L x W x D: 1m x 0.5m x 40mm

Material: Polyurethane-bonded rubber granules with a surface layer made of floor coverings.
Colours: Surface available in grey, red, blue, grey/blue combo, yellow and green
Lower surface: dimpled base with a reinforcing mesh
Simple installation: loose lay – no Adhesive required – using connector pins (supplied with tiles)
Outstanding absorption of impact shock

Price £30+ vat per tile + delivery.


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