Preacher Curl

Preacher Curl


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Preacher Curl

EZ bar preacher curls is one of the best mass building exercises you can embrace in your arm workout. This variation puts all of the stress directly on the biceps and eliminates any swinging or help with drive that you might get from a ground based movement like standing barbell curls. When you lift this curved bar using a preacher curl bench, its all biceps and nothing else.

Using the EZ bar for curls instead of a straight barbell can help put your wrists in a more natural position and place more tension directly on the biceps. Using the EZ bar on the preacher bench forces you to use correct form when curling. This movement puts all of the stress on your biceps and does not allow for swinging or jerking the weight up. EZ bar preacher curls are great to do with a reverse grip to target the forearms.


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