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Olympic Swiss Bar

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Premium Olympic Swiss Bar

Our premium Olympic Swiss bars are made to the highest of standards. The Olympic Swiss Bar has multiple grip positions for you to add a variety to your workout. This bar is fantastic for multiple exercises, it has 4 different grip positions enabling you to perform many exercises just using one bar. By alternating your grip for different workouts you can reduce the pain felt during pressing exercises. Meaning you can continue to train without aches and pains in your shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Many exercises that are performed with dumbbells can be transferred and performed with our Olympic Swiss Bar. Using the Olympic Swiss Bar for dumbbell exercises allow you to perform with a heavier load. The Swiss Bar allows you to place your hands in a neutral grip position where the palms are facing each other. This is in contrast to a straight bar where the hands are pronated, facing away from the body. With this grip, your shoulders can more easily be placed in a retracted and depressed position while lifting. This shoulder position is a critical part of any pressing or pulling movement. This is because when the scapula is pulled ‘back’ and ‘down’ on the rib cage it increases the stability of the shoulder joint.

Examples of typical exercises that can be performed with the Olympic Swiss Bar include Bench Press, Incline Press, Bent-over Rows, Overhead Press, and Hammer Curls. The Olympic Swiss Bar weighs 30kg unloaded, it is forged from solid steel with a chrome coating and each handle had been knurled to provide you with an improved grip during training. One of the biggest reasons people buy a Swiss bar is because it's easier on the shoulders. I'd venture a guess that most of us have dealt with some sort of shoulder pain in our lives. Perhaps some have undergone major surgeries to repair damage caused by lifting or possibly trauma. Considering I was dealing with some shoulder discomfort at the time on a straight bar bench, I picked up a Swiss bar to take the pressure off. With respect to the Swiss bar, it's very helpful in building the triceps through the neutral grip pressing movements. This then has a strong carryover to the straight bar bench press, especially if you struggle with your lockout. The bar has a tendency to be a bit unstable, which requires you to stay very tight through the lift. It can also be quite challenging through the stabilizers and it may take some getting used to when it comes to performing certain movements. You’ll notice that a Swiss Bar has several handle widths to choose from when it comes to hand placement. Not only does this allow a lifter to choose the hand placement that’s more comfortable for their body structure, but you can use different grips based on the exercise you’re doing.

Key Points:

Rating: Commercial

Product Weight: 30kg

Assembled Size: L 212 (7ft) x W 25 x H 8 cm

Loading Capacity: 680kg

Maximum load: 680kg

Handles: Multi-angled, knurled, thick handles

Grip Positions: Choose from four different grip positions for enhanced comfort

Material: solid steel

Product Weight: 30kg

Length: 212cm / 7ft

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