Commercial Weight Bench

Multi Adjustable Bench


Product Description

Multi Adjustable Bench

A high-quality, adjustable bench is at the heart of any serious weight-training program. The capability to use the bench flat as well as at an incline and decline allows you to target muscles more specifically for a more intense and thorough work out. The frame comes with a standard second clear powder coating, giving this bench a stunning automotive quality finish and protecting it from chips and scratches. Space saving design allows a flat and an incline bench in one piece
Seat pad adjusts from 0 to 30 degrees, while the back pad adjusts from -5 to 85 degrees

Padded to provide comfort and support so you can train longer and harder, the bench is easy to adjust. The seat pad adjusts to an incline of 15º to 30º, while the back rest adjusts to a decline range of -5º to 85º. This means you can make the most of muscle specific training programs or bring some variety into your regular fitness regime. The Multi Adjustable Bench takes on an instant familiarity and has stood the test of time, combining innovation with superb product performance.

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