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Jacobs Ladder 2

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Product Description

Jacobs Ladder 2

Jacobs Ladder 2 Exercise Machine is a new cardio workout machine that provides matchless weight loss results in a short amount of time. The Jacobs Ladder 2 was designed for athletes and fitness professionals, now available to the public, this unique total body workout system provides peak aerobic and anaerobic training without the stress on the joints or stresses of typical workouts.

The clever design of the  exercise machine is adjustable to assist users of all shapes and sizes and is self-powered, relying on the user to determine the speed and resistance of their own workout. This allows the device to be used anywhere, as no power supply is required.

No other device on the market provides a workout that compares to the exercise machine. The built-in digital display tracks heart rate, calories burned, the distance climbed in feet, and the rate of ascent for easy tracking. Ideal for fitness studios, gyms, personal use, or for particular training for police, firefighters and the military. Burn fat and gain lean muscle fast, buy your Jacobs Ladder 2 exercise machine today and start taking your cardio workouts to a higher level.

Get the same workout and same consistency as the new Jacobs Ladder climbing machine, yet designed for the home or small commercial environment – at a lower price. They took the Jacobs Ladder and made a few changes: The Jacobs Ladder 2 is 27.25″ wide, allowing it to fit through most inside doors in a home.. The workout remains self-paced. However, the Jacobs Ladder 2 needs to be plugged in to operate the digital display.