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HIT Machine

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Product Description

HIT Machine

Achieve maximum results in minimum time with the revolutionary HIT Machine: combine aerobic exercise with responsive resistance training and benefit from shorter recovery times and reduced risk of injury…

…What’s more, the HIT Machine uses the latest heart rate technology to generate a visual representation of effort and performance during the workout and records a post-session report. The HIT MACHINE is a revolutionary variable resistance exercise machine, providing a scientifically proven form of exercise. It is a stand alone tower with free motion arms and it facilitates 50 plus high intensity exercise and it is extremely versatile. The patent pending technology responds only to the users forces, allowing exercises to be performed in a safe and controlled environment.

The Benefits:

  • The benefits of HIT Machine training is backed by sound science, following a pilot study conducted by Dr. Conor McClean of the Sports and Exercise Research Institute at the University of Ulster. The research on the acute effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), calorie expenditure and exercise recovery using High Intensity Training with the HIT Machine reports:
  • Participants expended more calories and were able to maintain a higher average heart rate when using the HIT Machine compared to a control trial of 20 minutes of traditional mixed aerobic and resistance exercise;
  • Whilst there were no changes in energy expenditure following the control trial, energy expenditure was significantly increased immediately following exercise using the HIT Machine;
  • Creatine kinase (a biomarker of muscle damage and DOMS) was significantly lower 48 hours post exercise in the HIT trial when compared to the same time point in the control trial suggesting less muscle damage is associated with acute usage of the HIT Machine;
  • Individuals consistently reported lower feelings of body pain and DOMs, using the visual analogue scale (VAS), following exercise using the HIT Machine compared to the traditional mixed aerobic and resistance exercise of the control trial.

It’s the intensity that changes us!

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