Gym Wall Mirrors

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Product Description

Gym Wall Mirrors

Wall Mirror Options

Mirrors are excellent for a number of reasons
1 – Offer excellent supervision for all areas of the room
2 – They make the appearance of the room seem bigger
3 – They ensure exercises are performed correctly when the individual can watch their technique in the reflection
4 – Helps to relieve boredom for example when running on a treadmill

The mirrors feature a PVC safety back to ensure if they are damaged, they will remain fixed to the wall. The mirrors we
supply conform the British Standard BS6206 – Class B

Install Stages
– The wall must be flat to ensure no issues arise during the fitting stage
– The lengths of aluminium tracking are drilled and fitted to the wall. Two sections are fitted at both the top and bottom
of where the mirror will be situated
– Adhesive is applied to the back of the mirrors just prior to each section being mounted to the wall. The aluminium
tracking fully supports the mirrors however
the adhesive is used as a precaution and also to prevent any minor movement when in position
– The mirrors are then finally levelled to ensure that if 1 or more mirrors are positioned next to each other, the gap
between each mirror is flush throughout

No 2 requirements are the same and therefore the pricing is calculated once a designated size / area has been

* The images above were taken during an installation for the Dance Studio @ South Thames College in London *