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Product Description

The Grappler – NEW custom colours now available!

The Grappler is fantastic for:

• Weight Loss

• Muscle Toning

• Fitness

• Strength

• Rehab

and for keeping fit while injured.


New Member Inductions The Grappler provides a great workout with bags of effort while producing virtually no adverse after-effects. This makes it very popular with new members who are put off stiffness and soreness normally experienced by beginners or those returning to exercise.


Because the Grappler is a completely new and unique piece of kit,your members will not want to go anywhere else! No other piece of gym equipment can give such a fantastic workout in such a short period of time. When The Grappler has been placed in larger gyms, the management has had to put a bench by the side of the machine because members are queuing up to use it!


The Grappler is ideal for all levels of users,but is also suitable for people who are recovering from injuries and illness and wheelchair bound athletes. A wheelchair bound user, paralysed from the waist down has found the Grappler has revolutionised the way he trains. It has enabled him to get into his car easier and helps him lift his own body weight.




Height: 2.40m

Width: 0.94m

Depth: 1.40m


6V AC adapter


95 Kgs

At first I was a bit worried that it was a very masculine machine, but after only a few weeks women users outnumbered the men 2 to 1! They think it’s a great way to tone without using weights”.

Phil Whitlock Owner Manager Le Sport Colwyn Bay




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