Elite Series – Leg Curl

Elite Series – Leg Curl


Elite Series – Leg Curl

Product Description

Elite Series – Leg Curl

Part of the Elite Series – Leg Curl range of fully commercial strength equipment. This range has been supplied to a large number of establishments throughout the UK and Ireland.

The leg curl is an isolation exercise that targets the hamstring muscles. The exercise involves flexing the lower leg against resistance towards the buttocks. Other exercises that can be used to strengthen the hamstrings are the glute-ham raise and the deadlift.

Key Features

  • Adjustable back pad to accommodate all users
  • Ergonomic handles to ensure the upper body is supported when lifting heavier weights
  • Instruction placard to detail the used muscle groups
  • Water bottle / mobile phone storage holders

Length: 176cm x Width: 113cm x Height: 148.5cm
Weight Stack: 90kg

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