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Dual Adjustable Pulley


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Dual Adjustable Pulley

Although the Dual Adjustable Pulley is fixed to the floor and the weight is attached to the cable, the machine offers a level of unpredictability and free movement that a fixed resistance machine does not.  The cable and pulley system allows rotation and movement in all planes which challenges the core muscles and stabilizing muscles around the joints that a fixed machine does not.So if you have been training and building strength and stability on resistance machines, then a suitable next step could be the Dual Adjustable Pulley as it would offer the safety of a machine but the free movement of a free weight.The Dual Adjustable Pulley also offers an immense variation of exercises with progression and regression to suit every gym user.  It truly is the must have piece of kit if you are challenged for space in a gym

L 120 x W 110 H 220 (cm)

Weight Stack – 2 x 100 (kg)

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