Commercial Weight Bench

Commercial Olympic Shoulder Weight Bench


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Commercial Olympic Shoulder Weight Bench

The commercial olympic shoulder weight bench is primarily designed for use in a commercial setting, this high quality equipment is ideally suited for use in commercial gyms. This solid and reliable weight bench would be a key piece and the heart of any serious weight training program.

Get an effective shoulder workout using our commercial olympic shoulder weight bench. The specific design consists of a cushioned seat and back rest, making the user experience more comfortable. The commercial olympic shoulder weight bench provides ample support and placement for a safe and effective workout. The additional step placed behind the seat allows room for a spotter to assist when using the commercial weight bench. There are also 2 bar rests, which allow users to adjust the height of the bar tailoring the equipment to find the perfect shoulder workout. Rubber feet also aid in the stability of the bench, preventing movement for a safer and easier workout. This also protect the flooring in your gym or training facility.


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