Commercial Ab Crunch Weight Bench

Commercial Ab Crunch Weight Bench


Product Description

Commercial Ab Crunch Weight Bench

This adjustable decline commercial ab crunch weight bench is a smoothly designed, durable bench with 3 backrest settings to separate the difficulty level. It also have 2 combined plate holders, 2 handles for reverse abdominal exercises and a wide walk through for easier access. Designed to naturally replicate an effective abdominal crunch this weight bench would make the perfect addition to any commercial gym facility.

This commercial weight bench has been thoughtfully constructed with durable upholstery and high-density padding to ensure maximum comfort while users train.

Muscles Targeted by this weight bench:

Decline abdominal crunches target the rectus abdominis, or abdominal muscles. In addition, you will work your hip flexors as a secondary muscle whilst using this commercial ab crunch .


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