30mm Rubber Gym Tiles


30mm Rubber Gym Tiles30mm Rubber Gym Tiles30mm Rubber Gym Tiles30mm Rubber Gym Tiles30mm Rubber Gym Tiles

Product Description

Our 30mm rubber gym floor tiles are perfect for protecting the floor in free weights areas. They are made from recycled rubber and have excellent impact absorption properties. Whilst giving your free weights area a premium finish our 30mm gym tiles can also help your free weights last longer. We also supply a plain black 30mm-10mm ramp edge for this floor to prevent any trip hazards. If you are looking to install this floor around a half rack or to create an Olympic lifting area then we also have a 30mm thick wood lifting platform insert that sits flush with the rubber floor tiles. Please note this flooring product does need to be glued to your sub floor to prevent movement when heavy weights are dropped – see our installation guidelines below.

  • Colour: Black with 15% EPDM Grey fleck
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm x 30mm
  • Material: Recycled Rubber – Black, fine rubber surface over coarse rubber granules

Installation Guidelines:

Tools Required: Stanley Knife, Straight Edge, Notched Trowel

1. Leave the floor in the room for 24 hours prior to fitting to allow it to relax to the atmosphere in the room.
2. Ensure the subfloor is clean and flat (preferably screeded / freshly latexed)
3. Loose lay the tiles and make any required cuts (a Stanley knife can be used to cut the floor tiles)
4. Lift the tiles back up, and spread sufficient Polyurethane glue on to the concrete/wood sub floor before laying the tiles back down.


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