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10 Pair / 2 Tier Dumbell Rack


Product Description

10 Pair / 2 Tier Dumbell Rack

The Gym Gear 10 pair dumbbell rack with a 2 tier design is suitable for holding round headed dumbbells. It is incredibly durable with a sturdy oval steel frame and a “TUFF COAT” textured paint finish, to make it more resistant to wear and tear. The flexible design of this rack means that you can join other racks to the end to make one continuous rack for storing even more pairs.

The Gym Gear 2 tier 10 pair dumbbell rack comes with rubber saddles for correct positioning of weights. The saddles will prevent damage to the dumbbells and stop them rolling around on the rack. This dumbbell rack measures L 244 x W 53 x H 95 (cm). We recommend using the Gym Gear Rubber Solid End Dumbbells with this rack.

Dimensions: L 244 x W 53 x H 95 (cm)