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The Fitness Warehouse have a great selection of Kettlebells ass part of our extensive range of functional training equipment. We have Kettlebells from all the leading manufacturers. Kettlebells come in a wide variety of weights and finishes, including cast iron kettlebells and durable rubber kettlebells, so if you are unsure of your exact Kettlebell requirements then feel free to contact our experienced sales team for some advice. We also have a full range of Kettlebell racks and accessories in stock and ready to ship. If you like kettlebells you will love slam balls and our new performance bags.

Kettlebells provide an effective, functional and adaptable training device for fitness professionals. The recommended starting kettlebell weight for men should be around a 16 kg Kettlebell, progressing to 20 kg kettleblell-24 kg kettlebell or more depending on the exercise. The recommended starting weight for women should be around a 8 kg kettlebell, progressing to a 10- 12 kg kettlebell or more depending on the exercise. The size of the kettlebell will also be dictated by whether the training goal is the acquisition of cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance, strength or power. Kettlebell exercises promote nervous system adaptations that increase strength and mobility while developing motor skills such as coordination and balance. The thick handle of competition kettlebells means you need a strong grip and using them is a very effective way of developing grip and forearm strength. The dimensions of an 8kg are exactly the same as that of a 32kg competition kettlebell or 40kg competition kettlebell.

Muscle endurance benefits of Kettlebell Training: Kettlebell lifts can be performed for a higher number of repetitions to promote muscular endurance and a more cardiovascular effect. Kettlebell programs can be designed to emphasise muscle endurance by using workout structures such as circuits.

Kettlebells also help with Functional Abilities: Functional exercises improve a person’s ability to cope with the demands of their work or sporting environment.

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