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Maximise Your Gym Space With Our Functional Training Rigs

The days of kitting out a gym with endless rows of treadmills are long gone, with gyms of all sizes and budgets now allocating valuable floor space for functional use by investing in purpose built rigs. Functional strength training has become the latest buzzword in the fitness industry, but it’s by no means just another short-lived exercise fad.

Most fitness enthusiasts have heard about functional training, but few know what it actually means. The term can be most easily defined as ‘training the body for the activities performed in daily life’. This form of physical activity has been around for decades but has seen a considerable boost in popularity over the past few years, with functional exercises quickly becoming a staple in many workout plans.

This style of training is ideal for all gym goers, whether you’re an exercise novice or a professional athlete as it emphasizes multi-planar movements which test your power, strength and stability. If functional exercises are performed correctly, you can expect to see significant improvements in strength, speed and balance. The benefits are virtually limitless, with individuals utilizing this type of training to enhance athletic performance through increasing cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, flexibility, fat loss, co-ordination, injury recovery and core strength. Is there any wonder functional training rigs are becoming the first thing people look for when they enter a gym?

Functional training has become more mainstream over recent years, partly due to the increasing popularity of boutique studios and CrossFit. In contrast to commercial gyms, these niche fitness facilities provide specialized functional workout programmes and small group coaching. This trend is likely to continue growing over the forthcoming years due to the lower cost for the client and the greater income per hour for the trainer/ club. Functional training rigs are an excellent way to easily simulate this success at your gym, offering scalable and dynamic training options for individuals of all fitness levels and abilities.

The Gym Gear functional training rigs are perfect for transforming your under-utilized floor space into a functional playground, ideal for group exercise classes, personal training or individual workouts. The unique design keeps training interesting, challenging and most importantly – fun! Our functional training rigs are available in 3 sizes, each featuring a variety of stations, including an adjustable pulley, punch bag, medicine ball rebounder, chin up bar, functional pivoting Olympic bar, Suspension trainer, plyometric step and battle ropes (our Spartan Functional Training Rig also has an integrated monkey bar ladder). Within the price we also include a collection of high quality Gym Gear accessories including a full set of kettlebells, medicine balls, double grip medicine balls, power bands, and much more.

Our functional rigs will not only enhance the training space available but also the training services that your facility has to offer, helping recoup your monetary investment. Our heavy duty rigs are built to withstand the demands of high use environments and have received nothing but positive feedback from the various establishments they have been provided to throughout the UK and Ireland. For more information please do not hesitate to contact our team today!

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