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Jacobs Ladder X

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The Jacobs Ladder has been re-designed for the first time in 20 years and is now offering 4 unique climbing positions, each designed to train different muscle groups at different intensity levels. The Jacobs Ladder X is an intense Ladder Climbing Exercise Machine designed specifically for training fitness enthusiasts, athletes and professionals. The Jacobs Ladder X is self-powered and the redesigned display gives a dashboard look at workout intensity levels based on speed. Jacobs Ladder is designed so the higher you climb, the faster the rungs go.

Product Features:

  • The new dashboard displays workout intensity
  • The higher you climb, the faster the rungs go
  • Self-powered to adapt to your pace
  • Four climbing positions

Size & Specifications:

Frame: Welded tubular and laser-cut steel

Dimensions: L 203.5 x W 77.5 (Without Cup Holders) 94.6 (With Cup Holders) x H 176.5 cm

Weight: 156kgs / 344lbs

Rungs: 2" solid maple with UV cured acrylic coating

Case: ABS Plastic

Power: Self-powered

Ceiling Height Required: 8.5ft / 2.6 meters

Digital Readout: Elapsed Time, Calorie Burn, Rate (Ft/Min), Total Feet Climbed, Intensity Level

Warranty: 4 Years on parts

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