Get More From Your Commercial Treadmill With Interval Training

    Get More From Your Commercial Treadmill With Interval Training

    Ever wondered exactly how to do effective interval sessions on a treadmill? Here are 4 ideas to try.

    With Winter just around the corner, it’s time to take your running training indoors. But don’t just swap the streets for the commercial treadmills. Make more of every treadmill run by learning how to perform interval sessions. You’ll stay fitter and make more improvements to your running times, so when Spring rolls around you’ll be a better runner.

    Why do interval sessions on a commercial treadmill?

    Interval training can take many forms, but they all use short periods of intense effort coupled with longer recovery periods. Interval sessions burn fat, protect muscle mass, and challenge your fitness. You work harder than normal during the intense interval, so your body continues to adapt during the recovery phase. For a short training session, you’ll boost metabolism, work on speed, and strengthen the large running muscles of the legs and glutes. The sessions will feel hard, but they’re over more quickly than a one-paced slower long run. Commercial treadmills are the ideal tool a runner’s interval training. You can set precise speed and incline, and control the work and recovery periods.

    You can design an interval session any way you want. The key is to work very hard during the work period, and recover just enough to go again. Your recovery period should be at least 50% as long as the effort (more if you are a beginner). If you find you can’t give maximal effort to the work period, extend the recovery time.

    4 Treadmill interval sessions to try this Winter

    The 15-Minute Interval Blast
    Set your commercial treadmill to a 2.0 incline.

    Warm up: jog for 3 minutes

    Main session:
    (Beginner runner) 20 seconds sprint, 40 seconds recover – repeat 10 times
    (Intermediate runner) 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds recover – repeat 10 times
    (Advanced or elite runner) 40 seconds sprint, 20 seconds recovery – repeat 10 times

    Cool down: at least 2 minutes jog/walk – more if you need it.

    The 8-Sprint Session
    Warm up: jog for 5 minutes

    Main session:
    30 seconds sprint, 90 second jog recovery – repeat 8 times

    Cool down: 5 minutes jog/walk.

    This is an advanced interval session which will challenge the fittest of runners. But it delivers amazing results in fitness and top-end running speed. It’s ideal for Winter running, but you could include it year-round to support your fat-loss or race training.

    Warm up: walk/jog for 4 minutes

    Main session:

    Set the treadmill to 11.0 incline and 11kph speed.

    Run for 15 seconds, then jump your feet to the side bars of the treadmill (whilst it is still running) so you are straddling the treadmill. Rest like this for 15 seconds.

    Repeat this 15 second sprint, 15 second rest for 11 minutes (the display will read 15:00 when you’re done!)

    Cool down: bring the speed and incline of the treadmill down slowly for 5 minutes.

    Hill Intervals
    This is a great interval session if your normal outdoor running routes (or races) involve hills.

    Warm up: Walk/jog for 5 minutes at a 2.0 incline.

    Main session:

    Run at a sustainable pace for 2 minutes
    Increase the incline to 4% for 2 minutes
    Bring it down to 0.5% for 2 minutes
    Increase incline to 6% for 2 minutes
    Bring it down to 0.5% for 2 minutes
    Increase incline to 8% for 2 minutes
    Bring it down to 0.5% for 2 minutes
    Increase incline to 10% for 2 minutes

    Cool down: bring the incline down and reduce the treadmill speed, jog/walk for 5 minutes.

    Add just one of these commercial treadmill intervals to your weekly running routine this Winter and be a fitter, stronger runner in 2017!