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Functional training rigs are epic pieces of gym equipment that give a full workout in one place. These are multiple training spaces combined into one versatile area, perfect for saving space.

The Spartan Club Rig

The Spartan Club Rig is excellent for commercial gyms, especially for exercise classes. 10 people at a time can use this functional training rig! It has equipment at the front and at the back.

It comes with suspension trainers, a DAP training belt, a bungee cord, equipment, storage trays, U Link adjustment columns, a battle rope, chin-up bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, a core trainer, and bar, a punching bag with mitts, and more.

The Spartan Rig

The Spartan Rig has the dimensions of L 480 x W 438 x H 254 cm, which means that it needs to sit in a space of at least 8 m x 8 m.

Included are 2 suspension trainers, a short handle attachment, a long handle attachment, a DAP training belt, 9 accessory storage trays, 6 U link adjustment columns, a battle rope attachment, an adjustable step / plyometric platform, adjustable dipping attachment, 2 chin-up bars and much more.

The Spartan Studio Rig

The Spartan Studio Rig comes in the dimensions L 314 x W 354 x H 243 cm. This includes the attachments.

It includes 1 suspension trainer, a DAP training belt, a bungee cord, 8 integrated accessory storage trays (for included medicine balls & kettlebells), a battle rope, 6 U Link adjustment columns, an adjustable step/plyometric platform, a chin-up bar, a powerband set, a core trainer and bar, a 4 ft punch bag with mitts, and a medicine ball rebounder.

We recommend setting it up in a space of no less than 5 m x 4 m.

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