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Olympic Lifting Platforms

Top of the range Olympic Lifting Platforms from The Fitness Warehouse

Olympic lifting platforms provide a solid base for exercises like squats and deadlifts where a firm footing is essential, and power transfer efficiency is important. The centre of the platform is typically made from a wood material, with thick rubber tiles at either side to absorb the impact from falling weights. They can be a cost effective solution for protecting your sub floor without going to the expense of covering the entire floor area in thick rubber tiles. The Olympic lifting platforms are available in 3mx3m or 2mx3m sizes.

If you are covering a large area of your gym in the thicker 30mm or 40mm rubber tiles then you can just buy the wood insert from the lifting platform and sink the insert into your floor so it is level with the top of the floor tiles. The inserts are available in 1m x 2m x 30mm/40mm, or 1m x 3m x 30mm/40mm. The thickness you go for depends on the thickness of floor tile you are sinking the insert into. 

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  1. Oak Centre Lifting Platform 60mm

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  2. Oak Insert

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