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Everything You Need to Know About Hiit Workouts

High intensity interval training (a.k.a. HIIT) is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an excellent form of exercise that helps to burn fat, boost metabolism, and build your strength.

To get the most out of HIIT, you need to really push yourself for short bursts of time, then take a short rest. Rinse and repeat!

HIIT has become incredibly popular over the past decade – because it works! – and we get a lot of questions about it from our customers. So, in today’s blog, we’ll be taking you through what you need to know about high intensity interval training.

What is high intensity interval training (HIIT)?

The good news is that doing high intensity interval training is actually really simple! All you need to do is short intervals of high intensity exercise – in particular, cardiovascular exercise – and then have a short interval of rest.

It’s worth noting that ‘high intensity’ can mean different levels of intensity for different people. A beginner’s version of high intensity could be very different to that of a professional sportsperson, and that’s absolutely fine.

What are the benefits of HIIT?

There are a number of benefits to HIIT and we’re going to go through them below.

Firstly, HIIT is great for fat loss. If you’re trying to lose some belly fat, HIIT could be the technique for you. With HIIT, you’re able to burn more calories (around 25-30% more!) in a shorter space of time in comparison to other types of exercise.

This type of exercise helps to reduce blood sugar levels. So, if you’re diabetic or are prone to diabetes, high intensity interval training could have some big benefits for you, although it’s recommended to check with your doctor first.

If you’re new to working out and want to build up your stamina, you can reap rewards through HIIT. Also, the higher the intensity, the more likely it is that your anaerobic metabolism will kick in.

Of course, the action of HIIT has benefits, but you also reap rewards after your work out with what is known as ‘the afterburn effect’. The afterburn effect is where your body’s repair system is working extra hard, so you’ll burn more calories than usual even after you’ve finished exercising.

How can you do HIIT?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach that everyone needs to follow. HIIT can be as intense or easygoing as you’d like it to be, as long as you’re following the strategy of short bursts of exercise with short breaks.

The type of HIIT that you do will depend on the fitness goals that you want to achieve, but you can do it using gym equipment such as the Pursuit 2.0 Bike, the Curve 2.0 PLUS Treadmill, or go it alone with exercises such as star jumps and burpees.

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