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Sterling Series Plate Loaded

Sterling Series Plate Loaded is a high-quality commercial series designed to reproduce the feeling of using free weights.

Fitness Warehouse UK stock a number of the high quality products, which are available for gym trade, schools, colleges, universities, offices, hotels and more.

Plate loaded chest press and the Plate loaded incline chest press make up two key pieces of the Sterling commercial strength range. Plate loaded hack squat and the Plate loaded shoulder press really allow the user to isolate the muscles.  Plate-loaded seated row and Plate loaded bicep curl both have iso lateral system allowing each arm to be loaded separately ensuring a balanced and consistent workout. Our Plate loaded lat pulldown and plate loaded leg press allows the user to work to failure in complete safety, without a spotter.One of the main attractions of machines like a plate loaded leg extension is the simply look great, robust and solid, plate loaded machines give the look and feel of a serious commercial strength offering.

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