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Commercial Weight Benches

A wide range of Commercial Weight benches from the Fitness Warehouse UK.

Every Commercial Gym Bench we stock is tried and tested to ensure it can stand up to the rigors of a busy facility. Our wide range of commercial gym bench and weight bench will get the most out of your resistance training regimen with our fantastic range of weight benches - an essential introduction to any well-equipped home gym. We've got a wide array of styles to select from, including flat weight benches or dedicated abdominal benches so you can take those crunches up a notch - or why not go for a handy foldable training bench so you can switch up its position to best suit the exercise you're doing? And be sure to take an optical canvassing of our bench packages, which come consummate with bars and weight plates.

Multi-functional weight bench

A weight bench should provide a multitude of adjusting possibilities for multi-functional and varied training - in order to adjust a positive (folded up) or negative (folded down) incline contiguous to the classic flat bench. That's the only way to offer multi-functional training. In order to adjust those different inclines, we recommend a high-quality locking system. In contrast to a plug system, it offers a higher adjusting comfort as well as stability. Of course, you do have the possibility to cull annexations and hence extent your training diversity. Besides the classic curl, there are of course the leg curl and extensions as well.

Weight bench with rack

Beforehand, you should cerebrate about which exercises you want to do with your weight bench. Do you mainly want to do bench press with the barbell bar, it is recommended to consider a weight bench, which is equipped with a direct rack for your barbell bar. If you prefer to train with dumbbells throughout your training, you can go without a weight rack. The most facile version is the flat bench. It refers to equipment, which is only adjustable and adaptable to a circumscribed extent, in general, and which go without supplemental functions. Hence flat benches are mainly felicitous for simple exercises.

Types of Weight Benches

Flat Bench

These are the most common and most popular types of benches. These are the flat gym benches that don’t have any attachments. The main muscle being worked is the chest, and the secondary muscles being used are the triceps and the shoulders.

Adjustable Weight Bench

An adjustable commercial weight bench is flexible and allows you to do a whole lot of exercises by adjusting the bench as per need. It can lie flat, can be inclined or declined

Olympic Weight Bench

Olympic gym benches are professional advanced level benches that are wider and longer.

Olympic gym benches are not simple benches rather they have several additional types of equipment added to them such as squat rack, weight plates, rods, dumbbells, and more. It is a complete workout machine that allows you to do some advanced exercises such as squats, quad exercises, bench press, and more.

Folding Weight Bench

Not all the benches can be folded. If you are in need of a commercial gym bench that can be folded and carried easily anywhere, you should go for a folding one. These benches are not feature-rich as they have to fold so these are either flat or adjustable benches.

Abdominal Bench

It is a bench that is specifically made for performing ab exercises. The position of these benches can be either flat, incline, or decline. These benches have foot rollers that are used to lock the feet thus protecting the exerciser.

Preacher Curl Bench

It is a bench that’s made for doing preacher curls specifically. Which are mainly used to work the peak of your biceps.

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