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Olympic Bar & Collars

We carry a broad range of Olympic bars and collars from leading manufacturers.

Our standard Olympic bars & Olympic Ez Curl bars are tested up to 700lbs with our Premium Olympic Bars tested to 1500lbs. We all know you can never have too many barbells in your gym; there is nothing worse for gym-goers than having to wait around for a simple and affordable piece of equipment don' let your clients down. Olympic bars & Olympic EZ Curl bars have a weight capacity of 350 to 750kg and are designed to maximize your performance during Olympic weightlifting movements. Slightly longer than standard barbells, Olympic bars measure from 5ft to 7ft.

Different Types Of Bars

Straight Bars

Straight bars are the bars that are most commonly used. These are two-handed weight bars that can be used for compound lifts such as squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. They vary in length, starting at around 4ft and going up to 7ft – which are the bars you see most commonly on squat racks and power racks. They also vary in thickness. Olympic bars have a 2” sleeve and Standard bars have a 1” sleeve. Olympic bars can handle more weight compared to standard bars but are also heavier to lift.

EZ Curl Bars

EZ Curl bars are angled weight bars that are usually around 4ft long. Although Olympic EZ Curl bars are not suitable for something like squats, they have a lot of benefits. The main advantage to having an angled grip is that it helps to relieve stress around your wrists and elbows when lifting. Olympic EZ curl bars are also great for close grip work such as lying tricep extensions. Also, having a shorter weight bar can also be helpful if you have a smaller workout space. Think outside the box and you can get a really intense workout with one of these bars.

Trap Bars

Targeting your upper traps can be pretty difficult. But that’s where the trap bar comes in. Sometimes known as a hex bar or shrug bar, trap bars have several benefits. Not only can you add more weight to them than most dumbbells, but they can also really help with deadlifts, as well as shrugs. They give you a neutral grip so there’s less strain on your wrists. The grips are easier to reach than on a straight barbell, so there’s less strain on your lower back.

Safety Squat Bars

If you love to squat, but hate the pain that comes with it, this bar is for you. An Olympic Safety Squat bar helps to distribute the weight around your shoulders more evenly. This is especially good if you really feel the pressure when holding a straight barbell against the bottom of your shoulders. Another great thing about this bar is that you don’t have to push your arms right back to hook your hands over the bar. This bar takes a little bit of practice but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s definitely worth having in your arsenal.

Tricep Bars

Tricep bars are one of the best types of weight bars for maintaining consistency, especially when you’re starting out. By training consistently, you’re more likely to build and develop your muscles so that you can improve. And although the name suggests that tricep bars only work your triceps, they can actually be used for other exercises as well. So, on top of the tricep extension and lying tricep extension, you can use them to do bicep hammer curls, shoulder presses, front raises, and chest presses.

Swiss Bars

Swiss bars are a great alternative to using a straight barbell. They’re multi-grip, which gives you the opportunity to mix up your training. They’re also easier on the wrists as the grips are more neutral. This can help with heavier lifts as they place less strain on smaller joints. Use them to perform anything from bicep curls, to deadlifts and bench presses.


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