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Free Weights

The Fitness Warehouse is the leading supplier of commercial free weights in the UK.

Buy Commercial Free Weights from the Fitness Warehouse

We carry a great range of Commercial Free Weights in stock and ready to ship. Choosing the right Professional Free Weights for your facility can be tricky so why not get in touch with the experts at the Fitness Warehouse. We are here to listen to your specific needs, provide support and advice as required, and provide you with a custom quote to meet your individual needs. Free weights are integral to independent exercise as well as essential for high-quality fitness equipment. Here at Fitness Warehouse, we stock a wide range of free weights for your fitness service or regime. From weights and racks to bars, attachments, and plates we’re bound to have the right product for you.

Essential Equipment for Fitness

Whether you’re running a gym, small fitness center, sports club, or setting up space at home, you’ll be able to find hundreds of items and different kinds of equipment to complement your practice and training. Olympic plates from Jordan and Gym Gear can be fitted onto Olympic Bars and our specialist sets of dumbbells and barbells can be efficiently stored on our sturdy metal storage racks. Stocking the highest quality products from trusted manufacturers and suppliers, we bring you the best free weights in the fitness industry.

A Fantastic Range and Quality Service

At Fitness Warehouse, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of equipment with the highest quality service. If you have any questions or would like advice on what equipment you might need, we are always happy to help. Contact us online or via phone and we’ll be sure to answer your queries the best we can. Our fast shipping and delivery service makes ordering easy. So find the perfect fitness equipment at the click of a button today.

Benefits of Commercial Free Weights

Free weights allow your body to move throughout all three planes of motion so that you move throughout space like you would in normal life," he says. "Machines usually having you sitting down and lifting a weighted load while restricted to a single plane of motion. However, in life outside of the gym, you're rarely if ever pushing, pulling, or lifting while seated. (This is the idea behind functional fitness.) Even a basic free-weight exercise, such as a standing dumbbell biceps curl, carries over into daily activities like lifting up grocery bags or shopping bags. Now, that's a basic exercise. Since free weights, unlike machines, aren't fixed to a certain path, that means you don't just have to push or pull in one direction. You also have to keep the weights—and yourself—from wobbling. Free weights don't just work multiple muscles at once. They make them work together, which is critical for balance and coordination. free weights also allow you to perform compound movements that work your entire body at once.