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Fitness Warehouse has a fantastic selection of cardio equipment, and some of our most popular pieces have to be our cross trainers! You might also know this type of equipment as elliptical cross trainers.

Cross trainers are cardio exercise machines that allow you to pedal your feet whilst working handles at the same time, mimicking a walking or running movement.

There are tons of benefits of using cross trainers at home or at the gym! Just a handful of the benefits of cross trainers are working your upper and lower body at the same time, toning your muscles, burning calories, strengthening your heart and lungs, and even reducing your stress levels.

They give you a low impact but still really effective workout where you can alter the intensity levels to best fit your goals. 

  • Encore Cross Trainer
  • X95 Light Commercial Cross Trainer
  • X97 Cross Trainer
  • X98e Entertainment Series Cross Trainer
  • X98s Sport Cross Trainer

We highly recommend choosing a cross trainer if you’re starting out with your fitness journey as they’re so easy to use and get you great results. But fitness fanatics of all abilities and experience can reap huge rewards from training with a cross trainer.

To see our complete range of cardio equipment, click here. Browse our website to see our complete range of fitness equipment, including mats and gym flooring, free weights, strength equipment, studio equipment, and functional training equipment.