Burton & South Derbyshire College


We initially worked with the college by kitting out a small room as a predominantly PT style facility which included a modular training rig. The discussion then followed whereby an existing drama studio could potentially be used for the college’s new gym facility.

Gym Design & Planning:

This space was then measured to allow for a gym layout design to be put together which incorporated the equipment wish list as provided by the college’s Sports Department. It was important to include a variety of different stations and to ensure that the available space was maximised.

Equipment Installed:

A number of dual station strength machines were installed together with a central 4 station Multi Jungle. This ensured that the facility could offer a wide variety of strength based exercises. A good mixture of cardio machines has also been supplied and this also includes a StairMaster Gauntlett together with a treadmill, cross trainer, upright bike and rower. A section of rubber interlocking flooring was also fitted as part of the free weights area which includes rubber dumbbells ranging from 1kg to 35kg.


A summer installation had been organised which made the delivery very simple to undertake. The ground floor / double door access also helped to ensure that everything ran to plan during the 2 day installation. As the Sports staff were not onsite during the holiday, an equipment induction was organised for the first week of the new academic year. This also covered the general maintenance training at the same time.

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