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  1. Anglesey 115 mile Cycle

    The first 60 miles were the toughest with most of the hills, after that the hills were less steep and it was just a case of getting through the miles. We could not have asked for better weather on the day, and the scenery was fantastic.
  2. Lose fat fast with HIIT

    What is HIIT? Sponsered product Hit Machine High intensity interval training is an increasingly popular training technique, in which you give an all-out effort during a quick, intense burst of exercise that may last from 5 seconds to 8 minutes. This is immediately followed by a short, sometimes active, recovery period.
  3. Maximize your gym space with our Functional Training Rigs

    The days of kitting out a gym with endless rows of treadmills are long gone, with gyms of all sizes and budgets now allocating valuable floor space for functional use by investing in purpose built rigs. Functional strength training has become the latest buzzword in the fitness industry, but it’s by no means just another short-lived exercise fad.
  4. 5 ways to kick-start your home workouts

    It’s a common misconception that we all need to have access to a gym to stay fit and active – that’s complete pish posh! Home workouts are a brilliant way to kick-start your fitness or fill in any gaps when you can’t get to your favourite activity or class. Sometimes life and schedules just get...
  5. 6 tips to smash through a training plateau

    When applied to an exercise programme, a plateau is a specific period of time where physical progress stalls, this can manifest itself in both strength and cardiovascular training. It’s the body’s natural response to exercise. The human body is a master at adaptation!
  6. Swerve busy bench queues with the barbell complex

    We Brits may have perfected the art of queuing, but waiting 15 minutes to use a bench is enough to make even the most patient British gent or lady abandon their workout. When competing against the daily post-work gym rush, fitting in an effective full-body workout can be tough, but don’t be discouraged we have the solution… The barbell complex.
  7. Start-up or grow your gym with our new equipment finance packages

    Are you opening up a new gym or updating an existing training facility but can’t find the cash to fund it? Why not facilitate your finance requirements quickly and simply, with our all new HIIT packages and let the equipment earn the money before you have to pay it. Why use equipment leasing? Not sure that finance is the right move?
  8. Plyo boxes… Not just for plyos

    Although the use of plyometrics is very popular within the CrossFit community, when kitting out a fitness gym it is fair to question how much use you would actually get out of a plyo box. Believe it or not the plyo box is a hugely versatile piece of equipment...
  9. Benefits of training with Performance Bags

    Five benefits of adding Performance Bags into your training routine. 1. They build a strong core Performance Bags are filled with sand to create instability during exercise, causing your core and stabilizing muscles to be worked much harder than during movements using the more conventional barbell or dumbbells.