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Feel free to browse some of the latest Fitness Warehouse new stories, as well as our recent case studies from happy customers.


  1. 4 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Improve Your Fitness Fast

    January is often a time for self-reflection and self-improvement and it’s a time where lots of people set out to take on positive habits and challenges.
  2. 4 Meal Ideas For Building Muscle

    Here are 5 tasty meal ideas (with meat-based, vegetarian, and vegan options!) to give you some meal preparation ideas when you’re trying to build muscle.
  3. A Quick Guide to Gym Motivation

    Now that the nights and morning are dark, not to mention cold and often rainy, it can be seriously challenging to find the motivation to go to the gym in the morning or after work.
  4. 5 Types of Gym Equipment for the Best Cardio Training

    Cardiovascular exercise (a.k.a. cardio!) is exercise that raises your heart rate and breathing to the moderate-to-vigorous intensity level for 10 minutes or more. It promotes health in the cardiovascular system, including your lungs, your heart, and your musculoskeletal system.
  5. A Quick Guide To Getting Fit At Home

    With the coronavirus outbreak keeping us home (and away from the gym!) this year, lots of people have been taking matters into their own hands and trying to get fit at home.
  6. 6 Types of Functional Training Equipment You Can Have in Your Gym

    Functional training is an increasingly popular area of fitness at the moment so, if you’re a gym owner or have a home gym, getting some high quality functional training equipment could be a really good move.
  7. The Best Gym Equipment for Beginners

    Starting your fitness journey can be a bit daunting, but don’t fret, we’re here to help you find your way.  So, we’ve outlined 7 types of gym equipment that are perfect starting points for beginners, whether you’re going to be training at home or at a commercial gym.
  8. Body Culture

    Body Culture is a modern state of the art new fitness facility based in Chorley, Lancashire. The Brainchild of owners PT Luke Davidson and Scott Davies, Body Culture opened its doors in December 2018, catering for all, ranging from gym novices to more advanced gym users.
  9. Parklands High School

    Gym Gear was initially recommended to the client by another school in the local area. The new fitness suite at Parklands High School is part of an extension to the main sports hall building. It has been created to provide the P.E. Department with an additional internal teaching facility.