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Feel free to browse some of the latest Fitness Warehouse new stories, as well as our recent case studies from happy customers.


  1. Swinton & Pendlebury Leisure Centre

    Swinton & Pendlebury Leisure Centre is the fifth Salford Community Leisure site to be completed by Gym Gear. Opening its doors in April 2018 members can enjoy a centre that has undergone a full refurbishment with beautiful new flooring, wall decor and a large selection of equipment.
  2. Anglesey 115 mile Cycle

    The first 60 miles were the toughest with most of the hills, after that the hills were less steep and it was just a case of getting through the miles. We could not have asked for better weather on the day, and the scenery was fantastic.
  3. Lose fat fast with HIIT

    What is HIIT? Sponsered product Hit Machine High intensity interval training is an increasingly popular training technique, in which you give an all-out effort during a quick, intense burst of exercise that may last from 5 seconds to 8 minutes. This is immediately followed by a short, sometimes active, recovery period.
  4. Maximize your gym space with our Functional Training Rigs

    The days of kitting out a gym with endless rows of treadmills are long gone, with gyms of all sizes and budgets now allocating valuable floor space for functional use by investing in purpose built rigs. Functional strength training has become the latest buzzword in the fitness industry, but it’s by no means just another short-lived exercise fad.
  5. 5 ways to kick-start your home workouts

    It’s a common misconception that we all need to have access to a gym to stay fit and active – that’s complete pish posh! Home workouts are a brilliant way to kick-start your fitness or fill in any gaps when you can’t get to your favourite activity or class. Sometimes life and schedules just get...
  6. Burton & South Derbyshire College

    We initially worked with the college by kitting out a small room as a predominantly PT style facility which included a modular training rig. The discussion then followed whereby an existing drama studio could potentially be used for the college's new gym facility.
  7. The Key Health Club

    The Key Health Club is a small and friendly, privately-owned health and fitness club located in the heart of Keyworth village, only minutes from Nottingham City Centre. New owner Phil Gabriel felt it was time to freshen up the club, and Gym Gear were delighted to be of assistance.
  8. Sydney Russell School

    The new gym at Sydney Russell School is the result of three previous rooms being knocked together to form the larger area for the fitness suite.
  9. Maxi Fitness

    MaxiFitness is Fleetwood’s newest Leisure facility with a fully equipped gym, studio and beauty salon. Opening its doors in May 2017 Maxifitness is set to be a roaring success under the management of owners Dave and Maxine.