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6 Types Of Functional Training Equipment You Can Have In Your Gym

Functional training is an increasingly popular area of fitness at the moment so, if you’re a gym owner or have a home gym, getting some high quality functional training equipment could be a really good move.

This is a type of training where you carry out exercises which replicate movements associated with daily life. It trains your muscles to work together and assists with movement you may carry out at home or work. You should be able to find functional fitness equipment in most gyms these days.

We offer gyms all kinds of equipment, including functional training equipment. To help you out, we’ve outlined the 6 types of functional training equipment that are brilliant additions to any gym.

Abdominal trainer

Abdominal trainers (also known as ab rollers or abdominal wheels) are really handy tools for strengthening abdominal muscles and improving flexibility.

Small and lightweight, abdominal trainers are excellent additions to any gym and they don’t cost the Earth either. You can buy yours here.

Chin up bar

The Multi Grip Chin Up Bar strengthens the entire upper body and can be used for hammer, wide, or close-grip exercises.

It’s durable, made of steel, and can be mounted on the wall. Safely holding up to 400 kg, this piece of equipment is bolted flush so that it’s completely safe and there’s absolutely no room for movement.

As well as being a much-loved piece of equipment in its own right, this chin up bar can also be used to hold rings, powerbands, and suspension trainers.

Plyo boxes

Plyo boxes, or plyometric boxes, are a really beneficial addition to any gym. They can be used for both functional and CrossFit training during forward, lateral and other types of plyometric jumping drills.

This functional fitness equipment can be used by both beginners and professionals and they can be soft (foam and vinyl), steel, or wooden.

The Soft 3 in 1 Plyometric Box is the perfect choice for beginners because the material absorbs the impact and it also has very clear height markings (20 inches, 24 inches and 30 inches) to allow users to easily see which height they’re jumping to.

Our wooden plyo box features 3 heights in 1: 20 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches. It has hand holes so that you can move it around easily and, because it was made with internal solid timber, it will distribute the weight of the athlete evenly from all sides.

Our steel plyometric boxes are stackable so you can store them easily and they have a rubber surface to ensure user safety, and to protect them from scratches. They come as a set of 4 in the heights 12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches.

Suspension trainer

Suspension trainers have really made a name for themselves on the fitness scene in recent years, and they’re now commonplace in gyms across the world. These are easy-to-use, portable, and inconspicuous – ideal for anchoring to a wall in your gym. 

We have two types of suspension trainers available: the Pro Suspension Trainer (450 kg tested) and the TRX Club 4 Suspension.

They both work to build muscle, burn fat and increase flexibility and endurance. Suspension training is an excellent work out for the core. 

The Pro Suspension Trainer has a user weight limit of 125 kg, but has been load tested at 450 kg. The TRX Club 4 Suspension is user-friendly, durable and designed for frequent use. 

Battle ropes

Battle ropes are not only easy-to-use, they’re also portable so you can move them around your gym with ease and put them away and take them out whenever you like.

They come in different thicknesses and are usually anchored either to a wall or wrapped around a pole. 

They can be used by beginners and professionals for an excellent, targeted workout which gets the whole body moving.

Gym rings

Our gym rings (you may also know them as gymnastic rings) have been designed to be used on any rig or fixed bar and they’re made of hardened PU, which gives them grip. 

This gym equipment is very safe and can help people train with muscle-ups, straight arm holds, leg raises, free-shoulder stands, and more. They can be used by beginners and experts alike and people of all body weights.

These are just a few types of functional training equipment that you can have at your gym. Take a look around our website to see the gym gear that we offer, including mats and gym flooring, free weights, studio gym equipment and more.

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