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5 Ways To Kickstart Your Home Workouts

It’s a common misconception that we all need to have access to a gym to stay fit and active – that’s complete pish posh!

Home workouts are a brilliant way to kick-start your fitness or fill in any gaps when you can’t get to your favourite activity or class. Sometimes life and schedules just get in the way, eh?

We asked some of our friends at MoveGB, who are great advocates for being active and moving on a daily basis. Whether it means using one of our multi-venue memberships at various classes/activities across your city, including gyms in London or working out at home, we salute you!

You can build up your fitness at home and exercise without equipment without stepping outside – it strips away the effort of having to leave the house for the gym. But you may need these quick hacks to ensure that your motivation pushes you to follow through with exercising at home. So turn Netflix off. We see you.

Get in the right frame of mind and commit to your exercises with our top ways to kick-start your home workouts!

1. Schedule in your home fitness:
The number one way to commit to a workout is to schedule it into your day and make sure others know that you’ll be busy in your designated exercise slot. Treat it just like you would if you were leaving the house for the gym and make it stick in your calendar!

2. Get the kit:
Don’t workout in your pyjamas – we know no one is around to see you working out, but it will help you get in the zone if you still get into your fitness gear. Working out always feels good when you’re wearing workout gear that fits, feels good and looks good. It’s proven that when you’re wearing activewear, it has a positive effect on your performance through mental triggers. So get your kit on and go!

3. Find your workout space:
You have brought exercise into the comfort of your own home… the haven has been infiltrated! It will be quite strange to start working out in your bedroom or living room at first, but dedicate a home workout space that is perfect for your chosen exercises.

If you’re doing some stretching yoga, move some of those low tables, and if you’re going to be bouncing around, put the family antiques away. And make sure that you’re in reach of the WiFi if you’re following some classic YouTube classes… nobody wants the video to be buffering mid-squat. Roll out a big comfy studio mat and get stuck in.

4. Equipment, or not?
Don’t feel you have to get your home workouts kitted out like the Body Pump classes or your gym. Firstly, your postman will hate you if he has to lug 5kg dumbbells to your door… but importantly, there are so many exercises without equipment that you can do!

Home workouts without equipment are so simple – use your own body weight and do high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Home HIIT is super popular as you can get a great workout in minimal time, but also try toning exercises, such as, pilates or yoga. When the sun’s out, get into the garden and make your own fitness programme with circuits – drop and give us 20!

Lots of gym equipment costs a lot less than you might image and here at the Fitness Warehouse we have a range of affordable commercial dumbellsolympic bars and bumper plates that will help you take your home gym to the next level without breaking the bank.

5. Find something you LOVE!
Just like any form of exercise, you must do something that you truly love and enjoy! And thanks to the age of the internet, you can try out limitless home workouts online. It may be a struggle to find the activity for you, but keep trying out different sessions until you find the workout that’s juuuuust right. And if you hate a tutorial, just turn it off! No need to stealthily sneak out of class.

Variety in your routine is key to staying active, so master the home workouts in between your MoveGB sessions. If you’re a fitness beginner and are starting out with home workouts, try out a MoveGB free trial of hundreds of different classes, gyms in Bristol and many other fitness venues. It’s the revolutionary multi-gym membership that is guaranteed to help you stay active!

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