5 Benefits of Adding Performance Bags to Your Training Routine

1. They build a strong core

Performance Bags are filled with sand to create instability during exercise, causing your core and stabilizing muscles to be worked much harder than during movements using the more conventional barbell or dumbbells. This inherent instability also make the lifts more complex, encouraging increased levels of co-ordination and allowing lighter weights to be used in training.

2. They are very versatile

Performance bags can be used to easily perform a number of different exercises that would be much more difficult to replicate using a barbell or dumbbells. Additionally a change in intensity of training can be achieved by manipulating the weight, with performance bags ranging from 5-30kg this one piece of equipment is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels and strengths.

3. They are inexpensive

Starting at £30 (5kg Performance Bag), they are one of the cheapest full body workout tools.

4. They can be used anywhere

Performance bags can be used at home, in the gym or can be easily transported for outdoor training sessions. They require much less storage space than most other pieces of gym equipment and can therefore be stacked in compact areas.

5. They are very safe

Due to the soft construction and lower weights of performance bags there is a low risk of impact injuries.

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