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Elite Series, 45 Degree Leg Press

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Elite Series – 45 Degree Leg Press

The new & improved Elite Series 45 degrees Leg Press.  It combines style & strength in it’s appearance and is suitable for any Home Gym, Studio, Club, School or Gym. The main muscle group worked during the leg press exercise is the front of the thigh, also known as the quadriceps. Strong emphasis is also placed on the gluteus maximus. Secondary emphasis is placed on the hamstring.

The 45 degree leg press is a simple exercise, that makes it easy for a beginner to learn and perform without having to worry about the finer points of technique. The level of technical difficulty for the free weight barbell squat is many times greater than a leg press, requiring balance, skill, coordination and flexibility. The heavier the weight, the more important the form becomes on a barbell squat and the greater the risk of injury if the form is not perfect. In other words, it’s a lot easier to screw up a barbell squat than a leg press.

L 219 x W 101 x H 149cm 

Max Weight Capacity: 200k

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