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10 Small Home Gym Ideas: 2021’s Best Small-Space Ideas

Home gyms are on the increase this year, so the Fitness Warehouse team is often getting enquiries about the best home gym equipment for small spaces.

Many of you will be pleased to know that you can create an awesome home gym even if you have limited space. Below, we’ve listed 10 small home gym ideas to help you get the best workout in your small home gym.

Power bands

Not just a one-trick pony, power bands are portable, easy to store, and can help you with a great many exercises, including exercises for:

  • Joint mobility
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Pre-habilitation
  • Rehabilitation

The Gym Gear power bands come in 13 mm, 28 mm, 44 mm, 64 mm, 83 mm, and 101 mm. These power bands can be paired with free weights, and with Olympic/HEX and EZ Curl Bars.

Gym balls and racks

Gym balls are something of a home gym staple. They can help you strengthen your core and improve your balance. These gym balls from Gym Gear are 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm in diameter. Pair your gym balls with a sturdy gym ball stand to make it much easier to store them in a small space.

Multi gyms

Multi gyms can be really good additions to home gyms because you can carry out a variety of exercises with them.

The Pro Series 3 Station Multi Gym has a multi-press station, a lat pulldown/seated row station, and a station for leg extension/leg curls. This machine is great for beginners, professionals, and anyone in between. 

Aerobic steps

Aerobic steps can be an excellent part of a cardio workout, increasing your cardiovascular strength, as well as helping you to burn fat and increase your strength. This aerobic step allows you to adjust its height between 9 cm, 15 cm, and 21 cm. It’s non-slip and easy to store and stack.

Battle ropes

Battle ropes are powerful tools for building strength and burning fat. They can give you a full body workout, are easy to store and easy to move, and are low impact.

These battle ropes by Gym Gear come are 15 metres in length and come in the thicknesses 25 mm, 38 mm, and 50 mm. 

It’s important that you have the right gym flooring in place in your home gym when you’re using equipment like battle ropes.

Abdominal trainer

Super easy to store and incredibly portable, you can see excellent results from an abdominal trainer. This lightweight piece of gym equipment does exactly what it says on the tin: it helps you train your abdominal muscles, strengthening and toning them. 

Foam rollers

If you’re aiming to boost your flexibility, balance, and core strength, foam rollers are an excellent option for home gym equipment. These are small pieces of equipment, saving you space, and are often used in yoga, pilates, and rehabilitation. 

Plyometric boxes

Plyometric boxes are perfect for home gyms as they give you a powerful workout but don’t take up much space. Use these for box jumps, push ups, lunges, and mountain climbers.

These steel plyometric boxes come in 4 different heights and are designed to be stacked, helping you save space in your home gym. They have non-skid rubber platforms and come in the heights 12”, 18”, 24”, 30” as a set of 4.

Rowing machine

Rowing machines are ideal for home gyms because they can give you a full body workout. They especially target your obliques, arms, pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles, and upper back muscles.

Fitness Warehouse has a variety of rowing machines available for home gyms, all of which are perfect for beginners and fitness experts. 

Indoor cycles

Spin bikes and indoor cycles help you build up your endurance through low-impact cardio. This type of exercise is great for your overall health and wellbeing, but is especially good for lower body strength, the health of your joints, and even promoting good sleep. 

Indoor cycles are slender and you can tailor your use of them to fit your overall fitness goals, making them a great addition to a small home gym. Click here to shop our collection of indoor cycles.

As well as small-space home gym equipment, Fitness Warehouse offers a wide range of high quality gym equipment to home and commercial gyms owners. Click here to browse our range of UK gym equipment for sale.

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