10 Reasons To Have Great Digestion

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    Our digestive system underpins so many aspects of our health, and some of them are not so obvious.

    • Experiencing any of the following symptoms could be an indicator that your digestive system needs some help:
    • Excessive belching
    • Indigestion or acid reflux
    • Abdominal bloating or discomfort
    • Constipation, diarrhoea or a combination
    • Skin conditions, such as eczema or acne
    • Feeling run down or getting repeated colds
      Any many more!

    My top 10 reasons to have great digestion are:

    1. Increased absorption of nutrients from our food
    2. Less chance of infection due to strengthened immunity
    3. Improved mood ☺
    4. Clearer skin
    5. Lower incidence of food intolerances
    6. Better levels of energy
    7. Fewer sugar cravings driven by those pesky “bad” bacteria
    8. Lower risk of developing an autoimmune condition
    9. Improved sleep quality
    10. And let’s face it, the absence of digestive symptoms simply makes you feel more vibrant!

    Look after your gut – it’s there to look after you!

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